Visiting A Beauty Spa

It sounds slightly clichéd, but in the busy word of the 21st century, many people just don’t have the time to relax at all. Many people try to involve themselves in too many things – work, sport and children can take up so much of a person’s life.

Everybody would love to keep as healthy as possible to live a longer, happier life. Many people sign up to gyms or start on strenuous walking routines to cut down on that belly fat, but what some people don’t tend to realise is that it is possible to relax and stay healthy at the same time.

The term ‘medical tourism’ is often associated with people travelling across borders to access cheaper or more effective medical care. However, medical tourism also comes in the form of singles, couples or groups taking a short trip to another country, usually in Europe, to take advantage of relaxing spa resorts there.

Europe is very popular among medical tourists as many nations on the continent are rich with natural resources such as soothing thermal springs and healing mud pools. The diverse nature of the

The History of Health and Beauty Spas

There is no denying the immense popularity that spas enjoy in Britain. This is reflected by the fact that the last few years have seen a sporadic rise in the number of spas across the major metropolitan areas of England, and each one of them is frequented by a throng of customers on a daily basis. There was a time when going to spas for different kinds of therapies was thought to be an activity that only women could enjoy. The recent times, however, present a different picture with a greater number of men now showing an inclination towards frequenting spas in order to maintain their looks and wellness at the same time.

How Health And Beauty Spas Came To Be In Britain:

The origin: The history of health and beauty spas in Britain dates back thousands of years ago, and can very well be accredited to the Roman army that discovered health benefits associated with the water flowing in hot springs and fresh mountain water. Inspired by the hot baths built by Arabs, the Roman utilized the naturally occurring therapeutic water from hot springs in the English

Beauty Spas

A hair salon specialises in hair cutting and hair colouring while a beauty spa is geared more towards facial and body treatments, although you will often encounter salons that do both. If you want to have your hair coloured, you should look for a place that specialises in colour. Again, most haircutting places will colour your hair, but if you want a professional to work on you, then you should select someone who colors hair regularly, not someone who does it just once in a while. You will need to seek out a specialist if you are seeking hair extensions too because not every spa is equipped to do hair extensions.

One of the most common treatment offered at beauty spas are face and body massages. Your massage will take place in a room specifically designed for massages. The room is warm, quiet and comfortable. There is normally soft music piped in to help with the relaxing experience, but if you do not like that, simply tell the masseuse and she will be able to turn it off. The table you lie on is padded and built for giving

Seven Best Purple Ombre Hair Shade Ideas

Purple ombre hair has become one of the most exciting trends in the hair styling scene.  With varying hues of plum, lilac, violet, and lavender to opt for, there is always something for every lady when it comes to purple colour.

 And we are all going for the purple hair, and we care less about the movement, especially for the ombre styles. Here we have compiled a list of ten breathtaking purple ombre hair styles that are popular among most ladies.

  1. Purple Infinity

Braids and purple hair complement each other perfectly. This look utilises a subtle fade at the middle lengths. The transformations begin with a deep purple that merges the purple and brown-fuchsia. This is an ideal purple ombre hair for al all types and textures. Any skin tone can also wear it.

  1. Gothic Fairy-Tale

This is one of the most put-together, and best alternative fashion looks trending nowadays. The gothic block base fades into a

A Beauty Spa Treatment & Natural Beauty

Unlike the advertising industry has led us to believe, natural beauty products are as effective and work just as well as commercial products. Commercial skin care products can cost a fortune but you can save hundreds of dollars a year by using natural products that you find in your kitchen, and you help the environment at the same time!

Beauty products such as face creams, wrinkle reducers and lotions can be made from items in your kitchen, and can be customized by adding drops of essential oils to scent. All these products will be free from artificial and harmful chemicals. Exfoliation is always good for the skin as it removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin making you look younger. You can easily make up your own exfoliation cream simply by using everyday items found in the kitchen.

Looking after your skin is important and as we age our skin becomes less supple and we will be prone to sagging and wrinkles. Using natural products on our skin from an early age will prevent our skin from ageing as quickly. One of the most effective natural skin products is Aloe Vera and this product is

Beauty Salon Or Beauty Spa

The beauty salon and the beauty spa are very similar in nature. Traditionally a beauty spa should have a spa facilities (makes sense right!?). This meaning it should have sauna, shower jacuzzi or a steam room or other hyrdotherapy facilities.

You will however see some beauty salons without these facilities claiming they are a spa and even using it in their name!. A spa tends to concentrate on the core relaxation treatments such as massage, facials, manicures and pedicures. The beauty salon on the other hand will offer these services in conjunction with a number of other essential beauty treatments such as waxing, spray tanning, acrylic nali extensions and make up to name a few.

The beauty salon can cater for a more diverse range of treatments if you find a salon with well trained professional and courteous beauty therapists. Generally spa’s a larger in size and will typically have larger overheads as a result of this and more often than not this is reflected in their prices. They usually offer more sumptuous surroundings but in times of economic uncertainty, it’s better to still have life’s little luxuries and a good beauty pamper on a budget

Visiting the Beauty Spa

These days, gals- and guys- are flocking to beauty spas in unheard of numbers for pampering treatments. It seems that the growing consciousness of the importance or relaxation as well as the growing preference for all things “natural” has led this boom, and new spas as well as the novel treatments to go with them have been coming up like mushrooms in many parts of the United States as well as worldwide. More and more people are turning to massage and beautician work in terms of a career, and this means that spa goers can look forward to a very wide and diverse range of treatments that make use of and blend together therapies and beauty spa treatments from a smorgasbord of healing traditions.

So what exactly takes place in a beauty salon spa? A lot of the same things you will find in a beauty salon or massage clinic, and then some, it turns out. Spa and beauty treatments often make use of techniques that aim to make the client both look and feel better, as in ginger body rubs from Ayurveda which detoxify as well as soften skin. Then there’s massage, which when done in

The Disaster Beauty Spa Experience

One chilly October evening, I headed out of town for a bit of pampering (or so I thought). A client had generously sent me a gift certificate to the spa of my choice and after doing a bit of online homework, I settled on a “top medical spa” that was a 30 mile drive from my house and boasted anti-aging treatments with a “celebrity following.” I was skeptical, but the before and after pictures on their website were the best on the web (note the power of proof) and with all the late nights I’ve been working, I could do with a miracle fix for my skin.

The problems with this place started even before I hopped in my car. There were a couple of not too favorable reviews which I had not paid that much attention to (I was hooked by their photos) and when I called to book my appointment I was advised by the curt receptionist that all appointments require a mandatory initial consult of $200.

Huh? Nothing on their website mentioned anything about having to first book a consult before a treatment. “The fee is halved if you book your treatment immediately

Bogus Beauty Treatments

It’s an age-old story. Men and women desperate to look younger/better/sexier but who lack the funds – or intelligence – to insist on quality treatment get taken in by bogus scams, bogus products and even bogus physicians. You get what you pay for – or do you?

Bogus Treatments and Products

Beauty queen and former Elvis love Priscilla Presley, now 62, famously made headlines when she visited a doctor who injected her with “low-grade silicon” he had smuggled into the US. It is thought the silicon was fabricated to grease auto parts, not plump up aging women’s faces.

The latest hype about the latest trendy product makes news headlines, and those in the know want to be first. However, they are also often the first to discover that the treatments don’t really work, or that the small benefit they get is not worth the hefty price tag. Here are a few that have either extremely temporary benefits, or none at all…

* Oxygen Facial. Can putting a bit of oxygen on your face really make your skin look fresh, younger and rejuvenated? Well, Hollywood actresses jumping on the oxygen facial bandwagon say yes; scientists

Experience Somerset’s Beautiful

The city of Bath lays just a little way north from the famous Somerset village Glastonbury, which is famed for its annual music festival. The city is surrounded by the glorious Somerset countryside, which is also flanked by the beautiful ‘Mendip Hills’, making the city of Bath perfect for anyone wanting a mix of vibrant city life and easy access to the stunning surrounding countryside.

The spa city of Bath offers visitors a marvellous place for a city break destination, where you will be able to explore the city’s many iconic buildings and places of interest, which are located throughout the city. Bath is steeped in a rich historical past, which dates back to Ancient Britain when it was a settlement. Later, the city rose to prominence as an important and strategic location for the Ancient Romans when they invaded the country.

Bath was first established as a spa by the Romans sometime around AD 60 and received the Latin name, ‘Aquae Sulis’ (meaning ‘the waters of Sulis’). After this, the occupying Ancient Roman’s decided to construct a temple which was to become the city’s bathing complex during the Roman occupation. Today, visitors can still see