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Visiting A Beauty Spa

It sounds slightly clichéd, but in the busy word of the 21st century, many people just don’t have the time to relax at all. Many people try to involve themselves in too many things – work, sport and children can take up so much of a person’s life.

Everybody would love to keep as healthy as possible to live a longer, happier life. Many people sign up to gyms or start on strenuous walking routines to cut down on that belly fat, but what some people don’t tend to realise is that it is possible to relax and stay healthy at the same time.

The term ‘medical tourism’ is often associated with people travelling across borders to access cheaper or more effective medical care. However, medical tourism also comes in the form of singles, couples or groups taking a short trip to another country, usually in Europe, to take advantage of relaxing spa resorts there.

Europe is very popular among medical tourists as many nations on the continent are rich with natural resources such as soothing thermal springs and healing mud pools. The diverse nature of the European continent gives the prospective medical tourist several options to choose from – the saunas of Finland to the thermal springs found elsewhere are great stress-reducing adventures.

Since the expansion of the Roman Empire, spas have been very popular throughout Europe. At the same time, many natural therapists discovered how much simple mud and water can help in the healing process. Roman spas became very popular, and have persisted to this day.

A Beauty Spa Treatment & Natural Beauty

Unlike the advertising industry has led us to believe, natural beauty products are as effective and work just as well as commercial products. Commercial skin care products can cost a fortune but you can save hundreds of dollars a year by using natural products that you find in your kitchen, and you help the environment at the same time!

Beauty products such as face creams, wrinkle reducers and lotions can be made from items in your kitchen, and can be customized by adding drops of essential oils to scent. All these products will be free from artificial and harmful chemicals. Exfoliation is always good for the skin as it removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin making you look younger. You can easily make up your own exfoliation cream simply by using everyday items found in the kitchen.

Looking after your skin is important and as we age our skin becomes less supple and we will be prone to sagging and wrinkles. Using natural products on our skin from an early age will prevent our skin from ageing as quickly. One of the most effective natural skin products is Aloe Vera and this product is now commonly found in many commercial products. This plant is used for various skin complaints, as a lotion, cream or spray and is especially effective for sunburn relief.

If you learn how to make beauty products of your own you will be able to personalise them to your own taste and save money at the same time. There are various books and websites detailing which natural products are beneficial for your skin and many of these have been used for years for skin ailments. There are also lists of recipes that you can try out and customize if necessary.

Beauty Salon Or Beauty Spa

The beauty salon and the beauty spa are very similar in nature. Traditionally a beauty spa should have a spa facilities (makes sense right!?). This meaning it should have sauna, shower jacuzzi or a steam room or other hyrdotherapy facilities.

You will however see some beauty salons without these facilities claiming they are a spa and even using it in their name!. A spa tends to concentrate on the core relaxation treatments such as massage, facials, manicures and pedicures. The beauty salon on the other hand will offer these services in conjunction with a number of other essential beauty treatments such as waxing, spray tanning, acrylic nali extensions and make up to name a few.

The beauty salon can cater for a more diverse range of treatments if you find a salon with well trained professional and courteous beauty therapists. Generally spa’s a larger in size and will typically have larger overheads as a result of this and more often than not this is reflected in their prices. They usually offer more sumptuous surroundings but in times of economic uncertainty, it’s better to still have life’s little luxuries and a good beauty pamper on a budget than lose out all together!.

The best solution is to find a well trained beauty spa therapist who has opened their own salon. You will get the quality of the treatments with a healthier looking bank balance. Save the spa facilities for your local gym which will have the jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms as standard.

Visiting the Beauty Spa

These days, gals- and guys- are flocking to beauty spas in unheard of numbers for pampering treatments. It seems that the growing consciousness of the importance or relaxation as well as the growing preference for all things “natural” has led this boom, and new spas as well as the novel treatments to go with them have been coming up like mushrooms in many parts of the United States as well as worldwide. More and more people are turning to massage and beautician work in terms of a career, and this means that spa goers can look forward to a very wide and diverse range of treatments that make use of and blend together therapies and beauty spa treatments from a smorgasbord of healing traditions.

So what exactly takes place in a beauty salon spa? A lot of the same things you will find in a beauty salon or massage clinic, and then some, it turns out. Spa and beauty treatments often make use of techniques that aim to make the client both look and feel better, as in ginger body rubs from Ayurveda which detoxify as well as soften skin. Then there’s massage, which when done in conjunction with special oils can rejuvenate, circulate lymph, as well as leave skin feeling smooth and supple. Spa massages are usually gentle and flowing, focusing mainly on relaxation.

It’s important to talk about skin, because so many treatments in any given beauty day spa target the skin, whether it’s to lessen wrinkles, remove dead skin, or moisturize it. For this, a mind-boggling large array of beauty spa products are used. As a general principle, it’s better to stay with natural products that are usually (but not always) more gentle for the skin. It’s almost always best to stay away from treatments like botox which employ toxins or man-made chemicals to get a desired result. There are often serious complications associated with such procedures.

The History of Health and Beauty Spas

There is no denying the immense popularity that spas enjoy in Britain. This is reflected by the fact that the last few years have seen a sporadic rise in the number of spas across the major metropolitan areas of England, and each one of them is frequented by a throng of customers on a daily basis. There was a time when going to spas for different kinds of therapies was thought to be an activity that only women could enjoy. The recent times, however, present a different picture with a greater number of men now showing an inclination towards frequenting spas in order to maintain their looks and wellness at the same time.

How Health And Beauty Spas Came To Be In Britain:

The origin: The history of health and beauty spas in Britain dates back thousands of years ago, and can very well be accredited to the Roman army that discovered health benefits associated with the water flowing in hot springs and fresh mountain water. Inspired by the hot baths built by Arabs, the Roman utilized the naturally occurring therapeutic water from hot springs in the English cities of Bath and Buxton, and built hot water baths. The purpose of these baths was not only to promote healing of different ailments but also to encourage relaxation and social interaction.

The medieval history of health and beauty spas in Britain: In the year 1626, a lady named Mrs. Elizabeth Farrow came across water with acidic properties in Scarborough, a coastal town in England. After being put through observation, it was declared that the water contained minerals and nutrients that were essential to maintain good health, thus becoming the origin of Scarborough Spa.

The revival of bathing in Britain and rest of Europe: The 1600s saw the European elite become less inclined toward washing their full bodies, regarding it as a habit to look down upon. They would only get by with washing their laundry and cleaning their faces with cloth. The attitudes began to change in latter half of the 17th century. At the beginning of 18th century, British Queen Anne broke this tradition by following in the footsteps of Roman civilization and bathing in the hot springs of Bath.

This was shortly followed by a visit to Bath by Richard (Beau) Nash, who capitalized on the opportunity and converted Bath into a social and community spa with a number of activities introduced that encouraged greater social interaction. This was inspired by the Roman concept of baths. Bath became an oft-visited place for the wealthy, who would come to show-off their wealth and take a vacation at the same time. The pattern was soon followed by other European cities.

Recognition of health benefits: In the mid-19th century, a cholera outbreak in Liverpool made doctors realize the importance of sanitation, thus resulting in the promulgation of the Bath And Washhouses Act (1846-1896). Amenities for washing clothes and bathing were made more accessible.

The Disaster Beauty Spa Experience

One chilly October evening, I headed out of town for a bit of pampering (or so I thought). A client had generously sent me a gift certificate to the spa of my choice and after doing a bit of online homework, I settled on a “top medical spa” that was a 30 mile drive from my house and boasted anti-aging treatments with a “celebrity following.” I was skeptical, but the before and after pictures on their website were the best on the web (note the power of proof) and with all the late nights I’ve been working, I could do with a miracle fix for my skin.

The problems with this place started even before I hopped in my car. There were a couple of not too favorable reviews which I had not paid that much attention to (I was hooked by their photos) and when I called to book my appointment I was advised by the curt receptionist that all appointments require a mandatory initial consult of $200.

Huh? Nothing on their website mentioned anything about having to first book a consult before a treatment. “The fee is halved if you book your treatment immediately after – the owner is the best skin guru in the state” she reassured me.

OK, fair enough, but then make sure your website carries a consistent message. Not feeling warm and fuzzy about this place so far, I still went ahead and booked the appointment.

When I arrived, the spa was in a surprising location – not quite the high end location they made out to be on their website. The spa itself felt cramped and over cluttered to me. Another red flag.

I was ushered into a shoebox sized room surrounded by glaring lights and mirrors (make no mistake you could see every mark, line and blemish on my skin.)

In less than 10 seconds (a record for me), one of the hardest and most manipulative up-sells I’ve ever witnessed began.

It went something like this:

“Gosh, you have some lines in your forehead, you should really be getting Botox there.”

Huh? I’d never noticed them before but I sure did now.

She then proceeded to put my skin under an even harsher lamp and a magnifier pointing out, inch my inch, everywhere I had issues. The list was so long that by the time the ordeal was over I felt like the only proper thing to do was wear a paper bag over my head anytime I’m in public.

Then, she came in for the kill.

They could custom tailor a specific program to address my clearing lacking skin for a series of weekly treatments that would cost me a mere $10,000.

I excused myself and couldn’t get out of the place fast enough. I don’t care if they are miracle workers, the way they conduct their business is entirely unethical in my view.

As an advertising copywriter, I am well aware of the power that lies in marketing and how the right words can compel someone to take action, or not. Understanding these psychological triggers and what compels people to buy is how I make my living. It’s also the reason why I refuse to accept a private client whose products and services I don’t 100% believe in and know people would be much better off by having. I have said no to casinos, tobacco companies and financial advisors who didn’t dare invest their own money in the funds they bought for their clients.

I choose to use my marketing powers for good.

This company chose to use its powers for bad: by employing sales techniques that were blatantly manipulative and highly pressured.

While outwardly this company seems to be successful, it’s only a matter of time before this will catch up with them, regardless of how good the before and after photos on their website are.

Here are the key points from this experience to apply to any business or practice:

1) Be consistent: Build a Relationship First
My entire experience with this medical spa was reminiscent of the early 2000’s -when hard sales pitches were still tolerated. I guess no one had told them that the rules of marketing have changed. It’s about building a relationship FIRST, which this business was colossally terrible at. Now, granted not many businesses really understand how to do this properly, but if you know nothing, the one thing there is no excuse for is to not care. In this economy, the company who can build the strongest relationship with their clients or patients, is the business that wins.

Bogus Beauty Treatments

It’s an age-old story. Men and women desperate to look younger/better/sexier but who lack the funds – or intelligence – to insist on quality treatment get taken in by bogus scams, bogus products and even bogus physicians. You get what you pay for – or do you?

Bogus Treatments and Products

Beauty queen and former Elvis love Priscilla Presley, now 62, famously made headlines when she visited a doctor who injected her with “low-grade silicon” he had smuggled into the US. It is thought the silicon was fabricated to grease auto parts, not plump up aging women’s faces.

The latest hype about the latest trendy product makes news headlines, and those in the know want to be first. However, they are also often the first to discover that the treatments don’t really work, or that the small benefit they get is not worth the hefty price tag. Here are a few that have either extremely temporary benefits, or none at all…

* Oxygen Facial. Can putting a bit of oxygen on your face really make your skin look fresh, younger and rejuvenated? Well, Hollywood actresses jumping on the oxygen facial bandwagon say yes; scientists say no. There is no real evidence that squirting atomized moisturizers, or those infused with oxygen, can have any beneficial effects whatsoever – except on the wallet of the person doing the squirting!

* Seaweed Wraps. Supposedly they can help you get rid of excess poundage by drawing out impurities from your body and helping with fluid retention. The ocean slime is wrapped around your body and your skin is detoxified as the mineral-rich seaweed draws out fluid from our cells. So you may lose some water, but will quickly put it back on. Might was well just not drink anything for a few days!

* Tua Viso Non Surgical Facelift. This facial exerciser works with a 9-volt battery to exercise the face so you don’t have to, much like an abdominizer supposedly does to your tummy. But it has little scientific evidence to back it up, and many who have tried it say it does nothing.

* Rodial Bum Lift. A topical cream that promises an “instant fix” to make your bum look smaller, including reducing 32 percent of cellulite and altering the appearance of wrinkles. But results are temporary, and you need “at least six treatments” for anything more permanent. So why is it advertised as being “instant”?

* Smooth Away hair remover. Kind of like sandpaper to buff away unwanted hair and make skin soft and smooth. Unfortunately, feels like sandpaper too – and leaves most of the hair right where it was. Also can make skin feel rough and sore.

* Placenta facial. At around $450 a treatment this doesn’t come cheap, but the well-heeled are flocking to have placentas smeared all over their faces. They reckon that if a placenta can nourish a baby in utero, it can nourish them in a beautician’s chair. But while soothing cream applied expertly may make your face look and feel soft and smooth, it’s hardly worth the price tag. And where do those little placentas come from anyway?

Bogus Substances

Sometimes what you think you are getting is not what you are getting. If you have any substance injected into your skin, keep in mind that any type of dermal or other fillers come in specially labeled tubes, with stickers that peel off and are placed into your chart once injected. And check the practitioner’s – and the facility’s – license before you allow them perform any type of procedure on you whatsoever. Here are some horror stories….

* Dr Gayle Rothenburg of Houston told patients they were receiving injections of Botox when they actually were injected with a generic product she had picked up at some medical seminar. She was charged with 14 counts, including misbranding a drug. The reason: it was cheaper than actual Botox so could maker her rich – or land her in jail.

* Several women in Fresno, California were disfigured when they had bogus collagen injected into their skin. One was left with an unsightly permanent lump on her forehead. It is thought that she probably was injected with industrial-grade silicon.

* Beauty queen and former Elvis love Priscilla Presley, now 62, famously made headlines when she visited a doctor who injected her with “low-grade silicon” he had smuggled into the US. It is thought the silicon was fabricated to grease auto parts, not plump up aging women’s faces.

Bogus Doctors

Perhaps even more worrying than a bogus substance being injected into your system is having a bogus plastic surgeon cut up your body. If you are considering having any type of plastic or cosmetic surgery carried out, make sure you use only a fully licensed physician – and don’t be embarrassed to check their credentials in writing. Here’s what happened to some who didn’t…

* A Massachusetts woman evidently decided to save some cash and have a nose job and liposuction carried out by a non-licensed plastic surgeon. The clue to his status should have been obvious when he started performing the surgery on a massage table in the living room of his condo. Unfortunately, the patient didn’t live to tell the tale herself.

* A man in Barcelona, Spain couldn’t afford to purchase the tools he needed to perform cosmetic surgery on unwitting patients – so he used veterinary tools instead. The bogus 63-year-old “surgeon” was performing boob jobs and butt implants, and worked in the same room as his pets: three dogs, a parrot and a cat.

* Gabriela Sanchez, 41, developed such a severe infection after visiting a cut-rate plastic surgeon in Mexico for a boob job that she had to have the implants surgically removed – and now has no breasts at all.

If you want to make yourself look or feel better, always invest in a tried-and-tested product that has a shining reputation and spotless safety record behind it. Beware of quick fixes, products that make outlandish claims, and amazingly cut-priced items – they’re probably cheap for a reason.

Beauty Spas

A hair salon specialises in hair cutting and hair colouring while a beauty spa is geared more towards facial and body treatments, although you will often encounter salons that do both. If you want to have your hair coloured, you should look for a place that specialises in colour. Again, most haircutting places will colour your hair, but if you want a professional to work on you, then you should select someone who colors hair regularly, not someone who does it just once in a while. You will need to seek out a specialist if you are seeking hair extensions too because not every spa is equipped to do hair extensions.

One of the most common treatment offered at beauty spas are face and body massages. Your massage will take place in a room specifically designed for massages. The room is warm, quiet and comfortable. There is normally soft music piped in to help with the relaxing experience, but if you do not like that, simply tell the masseuse and she will be able to turn it off. The table you lie on is padded and built for giving massages so it is comfortable.

There are many different types of massages, but don’t worry if you don’t know what they are or what to ask for. When you make your appointment you can explain that you never had a massage before and after answering a series of questions, they will know what type of massage you should have and will make your appointment for that masseuse. Most massage therapists use a form of a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage begins with broad strokes to relieve muscle tension, and then targets smaller muscles for relaxation. The massage therapist will use a light oil to hydrate your skin and reduce tissue friction.

Experience Somerset’s Beautiful

The city of Bath lays just a little way north from the famous Somerset village Glastonbury, which is famed for its annual music festival. The city is surrounded by the glorious Somerset countryside, which is also flanked by the beautiful ‘Mendip Hills’, making the city of Bath perfect for anyone wanting a mix of vibrant city life and easy access to the stunning surrounding countryside.

The spa city of Bath offers visitors a marvellous place for a city break destination, where you will be able to explore the city’s many iconic buildings and places of interest, which are located throughout the city. Bath is steeped in a rich historical past, which dates back to Ancient Britain when it was a settlement. Later, the city rose to prominence as an important and strategic location for the Ancient Romans when they invaded the country.

Bath was first established as a spa by the Romans sometime around AD 60 and received the Latin name, ‘Aquae Sulis’ (meaning ‘the waters of Sulis’). After this, the occupying Ancient Roman’s decided to construct a temple which was to become the city’s bathing complex during the Roman occupation. Today, visitors can still see these ancient Roman Baths, which can be accessed when visiting the neighbouring Georgian Pump Room and get a feel for what it might have been like in Ancient Roman times in this building.

In the modern era the city has been recognised as a ‘UNESCO World Heritage City’ because of this rich historical past and the many prominent landmarks located around the city, displaying the wonderful architecture. The most popular historical attractions include the Royal Crescent, the Grand Pump Room, Pulteney Bridge, The Circus and Bath Abbey.

The city’s ultra-modern Thermae Spa has meant this attraction is fast becoming one of Bath’s top five places to visit when spending time in the city. As the Thermae Spa offers a wonderful experience as a day spa or, alternatively, if you would just like to pay a visit for a relaxing time enjoying the naturally heated geothermal spring waters, or one of the specially scented steam rooms, or if you simply want to enjoy the experience of sitting outside in the heated roof spa pool looking out over the cityscape.

Sexy Shades of Platinum Blonde Hair For a Sensual New Vibe

Thinking of going platinum blonde? Are you lying awake at night wondering what new hair color to try next? Do you find yourself pondering if blondes really do have more fun?

We’re not gonna lie, blonde hair is sexy and platinum blonde hair is the epitome of sexiness! It’s no secret that men go wild for light blonde tresses! If you want to shake things up, why not go for it and go platinum?

Natural blondes can add highlights or babylights to their natural color to mix things up and add more body and texture. Those with darker hair, can either go full on blonde by bleaching their hair or opt for something more subtle like an ombre or balayage, Whatever you choose, you won’t regret it! Remember, though, that platinum blonde hair will require some upkeep. Here are some tips to help you maintain your sexy blonde haircolor:

  1. Don’t wash your hair too frequently as the color will fade faster. Use a dry shampoo designed for blonde or color treated hair between washings to help remove any build-up.
  2. Only use products that are free from sulfates and designed for color-treated hair.
  3. Protect your hair if you are going to be out in the sun for a prolonged time.
  4. Depending on the shade and color technique, you may need touch ups every six to four weeks.
  5. Keep your hair hydrated. Condition daily or use a leave in conditioner,
  6. Avoid heat as much as possible.

So do you think you are feeling bold enough to go platinum? We think it’s definitely worth a shot! A sexy pale blonde shade will most certainly boost your self-esteem. As well, it is guaranteed to drive men wild with passion! Check out some of our favorite looks for platinum blonde hair below!

Pretty Platinum Blonde Hairstyles

  1. Long Layers with Platinum Babylights

This sexy long layered V-cut is perfect if you want to liven up your longer locks. Ask for darker blonde roots and then fade to pale blonde babylights for a ton of depth and dimension. The shorter sides will nicely frame your face and the back is still long enough to give you plenty of styling options. This cut and color will look exceptionally pretty in a updo with the sides hanging in loose tendrils.

To style, blow dry with and then use a wide barrelled curling wand to make loose waves. Or if you have naturally curly hair, simply spritz in a curling product or sea salt spray and let air dry.< class="aligncenter wp-image-75" src="" alt="" width="395" height="590" />

  1. Buttery Blonde Beach Waves

Beach waves are very girly and chic. If you really want to go for a seductive look and feel, this stunning blend of buttery blondes and wavy tresses will drive men positively wild.

To style, wash your hair and towel dry. Then apply a generous amount of sea salt spray and let your hair air dry for soft and bouncy beach waves.

Are you ready to channel your inner blonde bombshell? We hope these striking shades of platinum blonde will inspire you to go for the gold!