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Visiting a Beauty Spa for Facials

Do you enjoy visiting a beauty spa occasionally in order to get a variety of beauty treatments? Facials, pedicures, manicures and other beauty treatments are very important because they make you feel good and not just look good. However, you need to be especially careful while getting these treatments done, especially anything that has to do with your face.

Facial treatments should ideally be done once every month because they help to get rid of the dead cells that cover the skin of the face. These dead cells make the skin of your face look dull and lifeless. The treatment also involves the use of a massage to increase blood circulation to the muscles and skin of the face, making it supple and youthful looking. Improved blood circulation helps to remove impurities from the skin cells and bring in vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients, thereby making the face glow with health. Finally, one also gets face packs in order to nourish the skin.

While facials are excellent treatments to keep you looking young and beautiful, you have to be very particular about where you are getting them done. You should make it a point to visit the best beauty spa possible whenever you want to get this treatment done because a bad facial can be very damaging for your skin. The process of exfoliation has to be done very carefully, and so should the massage. The skin of the face is very delicate and it can get damaged because of rough treatment.

The beauty therapist needs to have a gentle touch while applying anything to your face. Care should be taken to avoid the delicate skin around your eyes and mouth because they can tear very easily, leading to the appearance of unsightly wrinkles and lines far before their time. Even the products used on your face should be of the highest quality, preferably from a natural source, else you might get ugly splotches and rashes because of an allergic reaction. Certain beauty spas offer fruit and vegetable facials that are excellent for the skin.

Enjoy the Pampering at the Beautiful Spas

Spas are known to be the perfect oasis for rest and relaxation. The spas in the county of Somerset will not be left behind as far as pampering and indulgence are concerned. Step into the fabulous spas in Somerset and experience the different treatments and services that you can enjoy. Go back to your Somerset holiday cottages feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and rearing to enjoy your vacation with a visit to the many attractions, dining places and entertainment spots that you have included in your itinerary. Give your partner, spouse or older kids a treat as well so you can all go back home truly rejuvenated after a memorable holiday.

The Garden Spa

The newly renovated Garden Spa is located at the Bath Priory Hotel in Weston Road, Bath. Somerset holiday cottagesare just a few minutes away from the spa. They have new modern treatment rooms with dual treatment rooms where couples and friends could have treatments together. There is also a beautiful new pool and an outdoor pool for the months when it is warmer. The new spa has a steam pod, sauna and fitness suite with a fitness instructor and exercise classes. Children can make use of the indoor pool from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can avail of several treatments and services at the Garden spa like eye treatments, reflexology, massages, nail treatments, waxing, body tanning and male grooming. You can visit the spa any day of the year. This is the perfect place for you to just lie back and relax while you enjoy your treatment and some refreshments.

Mount Somerset Spa

The Mount Somerset Spa is located at the Mount Somerset Hotel at Lower Henlade in Taunton. You will easily locate it if you are staying at the luxurious Somerset holiday cottages. This spa has an exclusive and intimate ambiance which is ideal for those who want some privacy and quiet. There is a sauna, steam room, hydrotherapy pool, Experience showers and foot spas. The fitness suite and 2 beautiful treatment rooms are in a totally separate level. You can get a combination of heat and water treatments and other first class bespoke treatments of your choice. This spa is open the whole year. You are guaranteed to leave the place with a sense of well-being.

Cedar Falls Health Farm

The Cedar Falls Health Farm is the place to go not only for physical de-stressing but for emotional healing as well. Be prepared to experience relaxing Indian head massages, Reiki and reflexology, Hopi ear candle treatments and healing holistic massages that will leave you totally relaxed and rejuvenated after the treatments. You can get some wonderful beauty treatments as well such as facials, hair dressing and make-up. The health farm has a sauna, steam room, indoor heated swimming pool, whirlpool and a gym. Before heading back to your Somerset holiday cottages, try out some of the food that is guaranteed to be healthy and wholesome. This is a great way to spend an afternoon of your vacation time. The place is open the whole year.

Health And Beauty Spas

It quite common for people today to frequent spas and benefit from the health and beauty treatments provided there. As regular as their trips to the spa facilities are, however, there are very few people who know the actual origin of spas and how they came to become so popular among people. The history of health and beauty spas dates back to time immemorial, since historians believe that the concept of spas was established the day mankind discovered the utility and advantages of taking a bath. In fact, there is also a popular notion that spas reflect the innate human need to wash and cleanse themselves, to maintain both sanitation as well as beauty.

Where Does The Word ‘Spa’ Originate From?

There are different theories explaining the background of the word spa. Some experts of history link it to the Latin expression ‘salus per aquae’, of which the word spa is considered to be the acronym for. The expression literally translates to ‘health through water’, which goes on to show that even in the historic times, the idea of spas was closely associated with health and wellness.

On the other hand, another school of thought suggests that the word spa originated from a Belgian town by the same name. The town is historically believed to have been visited frequently by the Roman Army to bathe in the hot springs in order to relieve muscle pain and war injuries. This theory is supported by the fact that other places in Europe, known for their baths and springs, are named so as well. Consider the name of the English City Bath, which is quite similar to the German Wiesbaden and the Austrian Baden.

The History Of Health And Beauty Spas – A Brief Overview:

The Prehistoric Times: The relaxation and therapy we receive in a modern day spa are pretty much inspired by the treatment options developed during the Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman empires, all dating back to more than 2,500 years. Not only did these cultures promote the concept of taking a dip in hot springs and natural waters containing minerals, they also introduced the practice of using different types of concoctions and naturally occurring substances as beneficial for maintaining beauty. The use of different types of plants, mud masks and baths, face scrubs and steam have been documented in the historical data found about these civilizations, while the use of spring water originating from mountainous regions was also common.

Cleopatra is said to bathe in rosewater regularly in order to maintain her beauty and skin, while the Roman army is accredited with building and popularizing the concept of baths.

More Recent Developments: The Roman concept of spas and baths was revived around the mid nineteenth century when rich tourists from Europe and other parts of the world would travel to natural spas in order to enjoy some recreational and relaxed time. Gradually, spas gained popularity across the transatlantic with American settlers introducing the concept in 20th century United States as well.

Booking A Beauty Spa

Are you confused about which beauty spa to go to in order to get the best hair extensions? There are lots of spas in any given place but you would obviously need to go to one that has all the features and facilities you need. You might have your own likes and dislikes when it comes to your appearance. For instance, there might be a specific type of hair extension that you require. Another important thing to be considered is how much the outing is going to cost you. You’ll lose all your pleasure from your visit to the spa if it turns out to be far beyond your budget.

Most people tend to ask their friends, family members or co-workers about which beauty spa to go to just in case they are short of ideas. Of course, this invariably gives them good results but this need not be so in your case. Besides, you might need detailed information as well as reviews about all the beauty salons and spas close by so that you can make an informed decision. The information that you get verbally from people you know might not even be accurate or up to date, especially with regards to the cost of various hair extensions.

You’ll do a lot better if you look for this information online. You will be able to do a lot of research on the various beauty spas available and make your choice based upon the factors that are important to you. You can search through lists of many different salons and spas according to location, price or service that is offered. You can even contact each place immediately in order to get answers to any questions of yours, especially with regards to how long your extensions will last and whether the hair is natural or not.

There is another advantage of visiting websites that have listings of beauty spas and salons. You will be able to make a booking with them immediately if all their features match your expectations. You are also likely to get good discounts if you book your appointment online. You’ll also save a great deal of time because you will be able to search for your spa right from the comfort of your home and at any time convenient for you. It is evident that lots of people think this is a good idea because the numbers of people who go online to book beauty treatments is on the rise.

Pamper Yourself With a Beauty Spa

Pollution and the demands of daily life do take a toll on your health and beauty. You find yourself aging due to the pollutants in the atmosphere. This leads to you feeling and looking older than your actual age. Thanks to the advent of the beauty spa treatment you no longer have to sit in a corner and fret over you looking years beyond your age. All you need to do is get a beauty treatment done in order to reduce the adverse effects of the environment on your overall beauty and health.

The main objective of a spa is to remove any kind of harmful toxins from the body. This is usually done in the form of thermo baths, spa capsules, mud baths, thermo blankets, hot rock therapy, thermal wraps and a host of other natural treatments. The main purpose of the above beauty spa treatments is to relax and rejuvenate you to the highest degree. The beauty spa treatment believes in the doctrine that beauty lies within you and this is the reason that they do not resort any chemical and artificial treatments, They earnestly believe that beauty comes from being healthy and are focused on your overall mental and physical health.

The spa ensures that you feel healthy and not just look beautiful. They believe that a person can look beautiful when he is free from stress. The removal of toxins from the body enables a person to feel relaxed and this reduces stress to a large extent. When a person is stress free he or she feels happy and that inner happiness gives rise to a beautiful glow on the face. In order to remove the aches from your body a beauty treatment also gives you a hot massage that eases the knots in your body muscles successfully.

Trendy Medium Length Haircuts for Endless Possibilities

It’s no wonder that shoulder-length haircuts are so popular. They are extremely versatile because you can wear your hair down, put it up in a hair tie or get a stunning up-do. Follow the latest trends or not, these cuts let you be yourself. If you have long hair, a medium length haircuts lets you lose some length without going too short. Long bobs, shoulder length layers, flipped up ends, the possibilities are endless!  Plus when you add highlights and color, your hair will pop in all the right places.

Endless Possibilities for Medium Length Haircuts


Long Bob with Bangs

This playful shoulder length style takes you from morning till night with easy maintenance. Dark roots and blonde ombre highlights at the tips adds a unique touch to your hairdo. Get some extra volume with long layers and you are ready for anything.

Sleek Bob

With angled bangs to slim your face, this elegant and smooth style complements any face shape. Keep the layers to a minimum but add some texture to the ends for a little depth.

Tapered Layers

Update your shoulder-length haircut to razor-taper so that your hair frames your face. Wow!  What a difference a little change can make. This romantic look gives you wispy strands that highlight your facial features.


Oh, those lovely spirals. If you have curly hair, you know all about it. Get some all over layers and add lots of shine products to define and separate the strands of this curly hairdo.

Shoulder Length Layers

This soft, multi-layered cut with a little volume will flatter any face. You’ll love the low maintenance and round shape of this updated style.

Do the Wave

Control your wavy hair with long layers to stretch out the curl definition. That first layer should cut around chin length, then follow the curl pattern to layer the rest of your hair.

Flip for It

A few layers at the ends of your hair will give you those saucy, flipped up ends. Try it with any medium length haircuts style to change up your hairdo.

Side-Swept Bangs

Long layers and soft, side-swept bangs flatter any face. Wear this haircut with the ends turned under for a little volume. It also looks great with a few loose curls at the ends.  Either way, this is a classic winning style.

Red Alert

This simple hairstyle gives you flowing movement with long layers and a center part. Add some vibrant color like a crimson red and everyone will want to know who does your beautiful hair.

Band Together

Create a unique look with a headband to pull hair back off of your face. Easiest style ever and gives you a variation on the ponytail.

A Trip to a Health and Beauty Spa

There are a large range of ideas, packages and themes that you and your friends can book into a spa for and below are some ideas about spa days you can organise for your family, friends or even colleagues!

Exclusively For You – Sometimes its nice to do something just for you and what more could you ask for than spending a morning, afternoon or day at a luxurious spa, relaxing, unwinding and just looking after yourself. Everyone needs a break from the day to day stresses of life and spending some time treating yourself is exactly what you need ready to take on the days ahead!

Mother And Daughter Package – Mother and daughter bonding can be an amazing thing, especially if time has been to scarce to really spend that time together. Going to a spa can help you to connect again and by doing this surrounded by beautiful scenery and amazing treatments, what more could you both ask for?

Birthday/Special Day Package – As we get older, presents often become much harder to choose, but any woman of any age will love a day at the spa, relaxing and taking in some of the treatments and beauty therapies on offer. Not only will the lucky recipient have the joy of receiving this present on their big day, but they will also be able to look forward to the spa day in the future as well.

Bridal Bliss Package – Weddings can be stressful and tiring, not only for the bride but for all of the family. Taking the whole group down to the spa for a day will allow you to let everyone relax and enjoy themselves and at the same time you can treat yourselves to some beauty treatments to make sure you are looking amazing for the big day.

Mystery Spa Day – If you are struggling to come up with a day out for your friends or family, why not surprise them by booking a mystery day and leading them all to a spa. Once they arrive they will know they are in for a day of treatments, massages, beauty therapy and much more and by the end of it, they probably will not want to leave.

Corporate Leadership Day – Corporate days do not have to be spent running around in fields and working out how to build rafts to cross a river. Why not take your employees or colleagues for an amazing day out at the spa, helping them to relax and unwind in between having a chat about work and planning for the future. A day at the spa can help your staff and team feel refreshed and re-motivated, ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

Own Beauty Spa

Dust, heat, wearing makeup every day and going to bed with no cleansing leave a dead, withered skin behind. To regain the moisture, freshness and beauty of your skin you need to go for a facial for which you have no time! Here I come up with an economical convenient solution by giving you step-by-step tips for a quick home facial:

1. Wash your face with a mild soap and warm water.
2. Give yourself a cleansing massage with a deep cleansing cream.
3. Cleanse it off with a cotton wool soaked in rose-water or herbal cleanser.
4. On a thoroughly clean and moist skin, give yourself a 10 minute massage starting from your neck.
5. After a massage, take a steam of 5-7 minutes.
6. To get rid of rough and dead skin cells, use an abrasive scrub and wash off. This will also extract the black heads and make the skin clean and glowing.
7. Apply a more tightening and soothing mask with peppermint and camphor. Wash off after 15 minutes.
8. The last step is to moisturize your skin with a light cream.

Pretty and Soft Hands

Hands are on the show all the time. They are on constant display during conversation. Neglected hands become rough and wrinkled before time. Badly kept hands with broken and dirty nails shatter one’s personality in the very first look.

General household chores like washing, cooking and dusting make the hands rough, dry and dirty. Here are some quick manicure tips for making the hands attractive. Take warm water in a bowl with drops of liquid soap, lemon juice and few drops of almond oil. First remove nail polish and rinse your hands with warm water. Then file your nails, and apply cuticle cream or petroleum jelly in the cuticles. Soak your hands in the bowl containing warm water, lemon, almond oil and soap. After 10 minutes brush your nails, dab dry your hands and gently push the cuticle back with a stick wrapped with cotton wool. At the end moisturise them and apply nail polish.

Pretty Feet and Toes

Our feet also need all the same extra care that we give to our hands, well cared and nourished feet remain well-shaped.

For a quick home pedicure, file your nails softly in a straight line. Remove nail polish. Rinse your feet with warm water and apply cuticle cream or petroleum jelly on the cuticles. Soak your feet in the basin with warm water,salt,few drops of liquid soap, almond oil and lemon juice for 20 minutes. Brush your nails and scrub off the dead and hard skin with pumice stone and dab dry. Push the cuticles back with a stick wrapped in cotton wool. Apply moisturizer and end off elegantly with a nice nail color.

Updating a Beauty Salon

I’m just back from the salon equipment trade show and saw some fabulous facial machines and hair steamers. If we invest a couple of thousand dollars and some elbow grease, we can change this dated beauty salon into a chic beauty spa. The most promising machines I saw were the facial steamers and the hair steamers.

First we need to strip off the tacky wallpaper that screams 1970s, rip out the carpeting, and have someone build a new receptionist’s desk. The mirrors are still good. We should be able to take them down, redo the walls, and put them back up. Of course, we need new lighting, but that shouldn’t cost too much. We need nice, bright lighting so that we can see our work, but it needs to be soft, not harsh, to set the tone of a relaxing place for our clients to renew their looks. We should replace the chairs, but that can wait. They’ll do for the moment until the machines pay for themselves. I’d recommend a color scheme of Tuscan Red and Mustard. Those colors are all over the magazines and furniture stores. Maybe a touch of olive green or butter yellow here and there. And let’s replace the old boom box with a more updated sound system so that we can play soothing music to create the relaxing spa atmosphere.

Hair steamers are the new rage in hair care. At the show I saw wall-mounted ones and free-standing ones. These hair steamers can be used for just about any hair treatment. They speed up the process and are much more gentle to the hair than other heat sources. We can use it for perms, dyes, hair straightening, and much more. The ones that caught my eye were from Taiwan and seemed to be of better quality than the Chinese ones. Near the steamers I saw a computerized hair dryer. It provides extra heat for hair that needs it for a good set. It also has an easy-to-read digital read-out that I could read from salon distances.

But what really got me excited about turning our beauty salon into a beauty spa were the facial machines. I saw a lot of different types of skincare machines at the show. They had facial steamers that were free standing or with lamps, magnifiers, and timers. I also saw a line of machines that have spray/vacuum, a galvanic unit, and a brush unit. These machines were very affordable. If we want to really become a full-service facial spa, we could really use the facial machine with eight functions. It costs more, but it would pay for itself when we bring in high-end clients.

I’m so excited about the possibilities! I brought back a bunch of brochures about all types of salon equipment. I’ll study these and go online and do more research to figure out how we can redecorate our salon and refit it with the best set of equipment so that we can attract more upscale clients with a full-service beauty spa.