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Check Out This Blog to Learn the Value of Costume and Fashion Jewelry

Not everyone can afford expensive jewelry to pair with every outfit they own, and not every occasion calls for fine gold and valuable gems. Costume or fashion jewelry gives people the opportunity to have beautiful accessories to wear every day. Affordable accessories add color and style to clothing that smaller, more refined fine jewelry cannot. Here is what anyone that dislikes fashion jewelry should know about these styles.

Search for Quality

Costume jewelry includes plastic rings, earrings, and other items that break after a single wear. It may turn the skin green or blue and discolor as it is worn. The pieces that fall apart like this are typically the cheapest products that are designed for one use or for children. The more upscale versions that use higher-quality materials and have an edgier, trendier appeal can last for years. The proof of this is the variety of vintage costume jewelry now sold online and elsewhere.

Watch the Style

Even the finest jewelry with the largest price tag can look tacky. The style of jewelry really matters when people choose fashion jewelry because the wrong style will make it look cheap. Costume jewelry looks best when it has clean lines and solid fastenings. Ignore earrings of twisted wire holding clusters of plastic beads or any pendant or bead strung on a plastic cord or string.

Maintain it Carefully

Discoloration and the loss of shine on the stones make fashion jewelry lose its appeal even when it was sparkly and gorgeous on the day of purchase. Take jewelry off when it will be exposed to a lot of water, like during a shower or when washing the dishes. Keep chemicals away to prevent clouding of the gems or metal discoloration. Chemicals can also include lotion and perfume, so use these first and allow to dry before adding jewelry. Store jewelry in a sealed bag to keep out oxygen that can cause tarnish.

Fashion jewelry makes it easy for anyone to have a large, fun collection of accessories for every occasion. The low cost makes it easy to add to the collection as the trends change, and caring for the products can help the items to keep their value for many years. To learn more about fashion jewelry, check out this blog.