A Beauty Spa Treatment & Natural Beauty

Unlike the advertising industry has led us to believe, natural beauty products are as effective and work just as well as commercial products. Commercial skin care products can cost a fortune but you can save hundreds of dollars a year by using natural products that you find in your kitchen, and you help the environment at the same time!

Beauty products such as face creams, wrinkle reducers and lotions can be made from items in your kitchen, and can be customized by adding drops of essential oils to scent. All these products will be free from artificial and harmful chemicals. Exfoliation is always good for the skin as it removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin making you look younger. You can easily make up your own exfoliation cream simply by using everyday items found in the kitchen.

Looking after your skin is important and as we age our skin becomes less supple and we will be prone to sagging and wrinkles. Using natural products on our skin from an early age will prevent our skin from ageing as quickly. One of the most effective natural skin products is Aloe Vera and this product is now commonly found in many commercial products. This plant is used for various skin complaints, as a lotion, cream or spray and is especially effective for sunburn relief.

If you learn how to make beauty products of your own you will be able to personalise them to your own taste and save money at the same time. There are various books and websites detailing which natural products are beneficial for your skin and many of these have been used for years for skin ailments. There are also lists of recipes that you can try out and customize if necessary.