Beauty Spas

A hair salon specialises in hair cutting and hair colouring while a beauty spa is geared more towards facial and body treatments, although you will often encounter salons that do both. If you want to have your hair coloured, you should look for a place that specialises in colour. Again, most haircutting places will colour your hair, but if you want a professional to work on you, then you should select someone who colors hair regularly, not someone who does it just once in a while. You will need to seek out a specialist if you are seeking hair extensions too because not every spa is equipped to do hair extensions.

One of the most common treatment offered at beauty spas are face and body massages. Your massage will take place in a room specifically designed for massages. The room is warm, quiet and comfortable. There is normally soft music piped in to help with the relaxing experience, but if you do not like that, simply tell the masseuse and she will be able to turn it off. The table you lie on is padded and built for giving massages so it is comfortable.

There are many different types of massages, but don’t worry if you don’t know what they are or what to ask for. When you make your appointment you can explain that you never had a massage before and after answering a series of questions, they will know what type of massage you should have and will make your appointment for that masseuse. Most massage therapists use a form of a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage begins with broad strokes to relieve muscle tension, and then targets smaller muscles for relaxation. The massage therapist will use a light oil to hydrate your skin and reduce tissue friction.