Experience Somerset’s Beautiful

The city of Bath lays just a little way north from the famous Somerset village Glastonbury, which is famed for its annual music festival. The city is surrounded by the glorious Somerset countryside, which is also flanked by the beautiful ‘Mendip Hills’, making the city of Bath perfect for anyone wanting a mix of vibrant city life and easy access to the stunning surrounding countryside.

The spa city of Bath offers visitors a marvellous place for a city break destination, where you will be able to explore the city’s many iconic buildings and places of interest, which are located throughout the city. Bath is steeped in a rich historical past, which dates back to Ancient Britain when it was a settlement. Later, the city rose to prominence as an important and strategic location for the Ancient Romans when they invaded the country.

Bath was first established as a spa by the Romans sometime around AD 60 and received the Latin name, ‘Aquae Sulis’ (meaning ‘the waters of Sulis’). After this, the occupying Ancient Roman’s decided to construct a temple which was to become the city’s bathing complex during the Roman occupation. Today, visitors can still see these ancient Roman Baths, which can be accessed when visiting the neighbouring Georgian Pump Room and get a feel for what it might have been like in Ancient Roman times in this building.

In the modern era the city has been recognised as a ‘UNESCO World Heritage City’ because of this rich historical past and the many prominent landmarks located around the city, displaying the wonderful architecture. The most popular historical attractions include the Royal Crescent, the Grand Pump Room, Pulteney Bridge, The Circus and Bath Abbey.

The city’s ultra-modern Thermae Spa has meant this attraction is fast becoming one of Bath’s top five places to visit when spending time in the city. As the Thermae Spa offers a wonderful experience as a day spa or, alternatively, if you would just like to pay a visit for a relaxing time enjoying the naturally heated geothermal spring waters, or one of the specially scented steam rooms, or if you simply want to enjoy the experience of sitting outside in the heated roof spa pool looking out over the cityscape.