Seven Best Purple Ombre Hair Shade Ideas

Purple ombre hair has become one of the most exciting trends in the hair styling scene.  With varying hues of plum, lilac, violet, and lavender to opt for, there is always something for every lady when it comes to purple colour.

 And we are all going for the purple hair, and we care less about the movement, especially for the ombre styles. Here we have compiled a list of ten breathtaking purple ombre hair styles that are popular among most ladies.

  1. Purple Infinity

Braids and purple hair complement each other perfectly. This look utilises a subtle fade at the middle lengths. The transformations begin with a deep purple that merges the purple and brown-fuchsia. This is an ideal purple ombre hair for al all types and textures. Any skin tone can also wear it.

  1. Gothic Fairy-Tale

This is one of the most put-together, and best alternative fashion looks trending nowadays. The gothic block base fades into a dark purple, which subtly fades out to a sleek lilac. If you have been yearning to have gothic in you, this purple-ombre look will definitely quench your thirst. It is specially customised for you.

  1. Dusty Lavender

The ashy hints of this lavender will amp up the style. The thick black roots fade to a pigmented lavender hair that ups up the fine ashy shades as it fades out. Besides, the ashy hues add touch and more dimension, making it an ideal style for women with fine hair.

  1. Soft Purple Silk

This is undeniably the sleekest purple ombre hair that we have laid our eyes on recently. The black roots incorporate cool shades as it changes into a gray, and an elegant soft violet. Have your stylist include gray tones to enhance movement and dimension in this style.

  1. Smoke On The Water

You can’t choose simplicity and get it wrong. The long shadow root of this style makes it one of the most sought-after purple ombre hairstyles. The light lilac change to platinum blonde as you transition from the base to the ends of the tresses. If you like cool hints and want to maintain the hair light, this is the best ombre hairdo for you.

  1. Electric Amethyst

We love how these two colours complement each other to come up with this amethyst style. The purple and deep amethyst colours work miracles here. Hues of deep violet are incorporated at the crown to enhance texture and dimension. This is the suitable style for hair with deep texture.

  1. Velvet Mercury

Shades as vibrant as this need to be banned indefinitely for being too beautiful to handle for an ordinary lady! Deep purple base fades out to a bright purple that instantly fades to lilac at the low lengths of the tresses. If you want purple hair that pops out, we guarantee you will really love this hairstyle to the core.