Time to Consider New Career Options

Life is much too short to be miserable at the job. Everyone has times when work is stressful, frustrating, and no longer interesting. It usually passes quickly. If it lingers, it may be time to consider a new career. Circumstances, preferences, and obligations change frequently. Finding a career that is flexible accommodates any type of changes that come along.


Many professionals are losing their jobs to restructuring or downsizing of the company. Moving manufacturing plants across the border, closing down divisions that are no longer relevant, and increasing automation are just a few reasons jobs are lost. The results can be devastating, especially if changes are industry wide. There are professional jobs that translate well into other industries but not all skills and experience can be applied.

Become a Consultant

Independent consulting is one option. Use all that experience to help a new business get started, a failing business bounce back, or a non-profit realize full potential. Consulting is lucrative, challenging, creative, and currently in demand. Companies find it easier to hire one consultant for help than an agency or team. The pricing is lower, there is little room for miscommunication, and assessments and recommendations are completed faster than a team.

Sell Familiar Products

Many personal products, home decor items, cleaners, and candles are sold via parties hosted in the home. Cookware, makeup, lingerie, and new cleaning tools are often sold in this manner. It is a perfect opportunity for someone who enjoys a specific brand of makeup, for example, to invite friends over, have some fun, and get products at discounted pricing. In most cases, products sell themselves and other parties are booked by guests.

Getting Started

Depending on the nature of the product sold, becoming a distributor is easy and cost-effective. The purchase of a starter kit is typically involved, and the amount of money earned coincides with the amount of time and effort put into the business. Companies provide support, training, and market networking to help new distributors begin to earn money as soon as possible. The success of the product correlates to the success of each individual, so help is offered throughout your new career. Take the time to read This review of the start-up process to get an idea of what the career entails.