Updating a Beauty Salon

I’m just back from the salon equipment trade show and saw some fabulous facial machines and hair steamers. If we invest a couple of thousand dollars and some elbow grease, we can change this dated beauty salon into a chic beauty spa. The most promising machines I saw were the facial steamers and the hair steamers.

First we need to strip off the tacky wallpaper that screams 1970s, rip out the carpeting, and have someone build a new receptionist’s desk. The mirrors are still good. We should be able to take them down, redo the walls, and put them back up. Of course, we need new lighting, but that shouldn’t cost too much. We need nice, bright lighting so that we can see our work, but it needs to be soft, not harsh, to set the tone of a relaxing place for our clients to renew their looks. We should replace the chairs, but that can wait. They’ll do for the moment until the machines pay for themselves. I’d recommend a color scheme of Tuscan Red and Mustard. Those colors are all over the magazines and furniture stores. Maybe a touch of olive green or butter yellow here and there. And let’s replace the old boom box with a more updated sound system so that we can play soothing music to create the relaxing spa atmosphere.

Hair steamers are the new rage in hair care. At the show I saw wall-mounted ones and free-standing ones. These hair steamers can be used for just about any hair treatment. They speed up the process and are much more gentle to the hair than other heat sources. We can use it for perms, dyes, hair straightening, and much more. The ones that caught my eye were from Taiwan and seemed to be of better quality than the Chinese ones. Near the steamers I saw a computerized hair dryer. It provides extra heat for hair that needs it for a good set. It also has an easy-to-read digital read-out that I could read from salon distances.

But what really got me excited about turning our beauty salon into a beauty spa were the facial machines. I saw a lot of different types of skincare machines at the show. They had facial steamers that were free standing or with lamps, magnifiers, and timers. I also saw a line of machines that have spray/vacuum, a galvanic unit, and a brush unit. These machines were very affordable. If we want to really become a full-service facial spa, we could really use the facial machine with eight functions. It costs more, but it would pay for itself when we bring in high-end clients.

I’m so excited about the possibilities! I brought back a bunch of brochures about all types of salon equipment. I’ll study these and go online and do more research to figure out how we can redecorate our salon and refit it with the best set of equipment so that we can attract more upscale clients with a full-service beauty spa.